Monday, May 2, 2011


Dear Potential Readers,

Where should I start? A lot of things have happened since I blogged last night. I suppose I'll go in chronological order and start with the biggest event of the day. We saw on the news late last night that Osama had been killed. What an amazing feeling. The U.S. finally brought justice to a terrorist, something that should have happened years ago. What was even better was that I was in the nation's capital the night of this huge American accomplishment. A group of us debated going to the White House and partying with the other few thousand that were already there. Unfortuately, the reality of going down there was a bad idea. We decided to stay in the hotel and make sure we did not risk our trip.

We woke up at 7:00 A.M. and got ready. We left the hotel and headed out for our adventerous day. First, we went to Capital Hill and went on the tour. The tour was very nice. We got to see the statue room which was also the original room the House debated in. The dome was pretty amazing as well. The dome stretches 18 stories high. This means that if you took the statue of liberty off of it's base, it could fit inside the dome without touching.

When then made our way to the Holocaust Museum. I've studied the Holocaust before but this Museum really gave the viewer a 1st hand look at how real this was. They had several original artifacts and it is a must see for anyone who has a desire to learn about history.

When then had dinner at the Buca and it was amazing. The picture above in this blog explains everything.

To all my fans,
Trey Flournoy