Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mike Aleksick Day Four

On our fourth day in D.C. we took a trip to the ATF headquarters. We started the tour by looking at some displays and telling us about how they are involved in the different thing that they do. They talked about how they were basically started because of alcohol and Prohibition. Then they started getting into tobacco because people would buy tobacco in different states and sell them for a profit in another state. The ATF also deals with firearms. They talked about how they delt with arson and explosives and that something i found interesting because the ATF's name is alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms so that's what i thought they delt with. So i learned something new. The last part of our tour was the best i personally think. They had a guy come in that was basically in the swat team for the ATF. He pulled out all his equipment and showed it to us. He had like 8 guns he showed us. Along with all is suits and equipment. Once he was done with his presentation he let us touch and hold on to all his equipment. He let some of the people suit up in his protective gear which was really cool. He also let us hold he guns and see what they felt like.
Once he got done explaining what he did i think i found my dream job. It would be amazing if one day i was part of the task force he is part of. This trip was amazing and i would tell everyone who is thinking of going to D.C. for vacation to do it because its somehting you will never forget.