Sunday, May 1, 2011

Washington D.C. Trip Day One

The day started off with a really early trip to St. Louis and some awesome Burger King for breakfast. After being dropped off at the airport we encountered a very long line to check bags and recieve our boarding passes. Due to this long line outside I got a sunburn. Those are always fun. When we finally reached the checkpoint to check our bags and recieve our boarding passes, the man that was helping eight of us had a lot of trouble. This trouble lasted for quite a while and put several people that were behind us in line in front. Then once he finally got the luggage tags they were duplicates and did not even have the right names. It was very interesting and I felt really sorry for the man because one of his co-workers kept getting onto him about taking so long. But we made it through with our boarding passes. Then after the scanning process you have to complete to be able to proceed and I thought that I had lost my license. But luckily enough I found it. The plane ride was fairly uneventful and just a regular plane ride. After we arrived in Baltimore we collected our luggage and took the tour bus to the hotel. The tour bus guide has a really great personality and I am looking forward to what he has to say during our tour guided trip on Tuesday. Tomorrow's events should be interesting and I am looking forward to exploring more of Washington D.C.