Monday, May 2, 2011

Day Two.

I took this picture....
Day two was a number of firsts for me, the first of which being the Subway. As a young gentleman from rural North East Missouri, public transit in metropolitan areas is always something i find baffling. Our mode of transportation aside I find that one of the most awe inspiring things about this trip has been simply standing at the foot of our Nations Capitol. That is just the sheer size, but the history of the building itself is enough to keep one entranced, today I stood at the very center of Washington DC inside the Capitol, I saw and walked through the same hallways just as many great Americans before me. It was honestly one of the prouder moments of my American life.
Secondly, we went to the holocaust museum... A terribly eye opening experience. One often hears of the terrible things that happened during that time, however, no movie, no well written book or article can truly communicate the atrocities that befell the Jewish people quite like walking through a box car that they were transported in, or looking at one of the actual bunks from Auschwitz... That experience is something that I find myself struggling to describe, the only thing i could say is one must experience the museum itself to even begin to scratch the surface of understanding those events.

Than we went to dinner and now i sit in my room listening to Led Zeppelin before bed... Fewer things are better than this! So now i will prepare for my 5:30 appointment with the world tomorrow.

- Patrick