Tuesday, May 3, 2011

D.C.'s Tuesday

Today was an exceptionally amazing day. We saw what seemed to be like everything in the city. It's hard to describe the way some of the sights can make a person feel. Naturally, I would assume that everyone finds a different liking in each Memorial or Monument. All I can say confidently is that I enjoyed today's bus tour. We had a great driver/guide who gave a lot of information at a lot of different stops. I'm going to keep from preaching about how great I thought everything was. It's something that every American needs to experience first hand; however, there is one thing in particular that left me nowhere shy of speechless today. While we were at Arlington National Cemetery, we were fortunate enough to witness the change of guards at the Tomb of the Unknown. I will never be able to describe what exactly I was feeling as I saw the amount of pride, reverence, and honor these men portrayed as they went through the specific routine. One thing is for sure, it will be very hard for me to experience something so dear to honor of the military than what I did today.