Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"That's me at heart, just a little lizard cowboy"

Today started out very, very early with a bus ride out to Quantico for a tour at the FBI Academy. We had to wait a little while to get in, but once we got there, we got to see not only large parts of the academy building, but also some of their training facilities as well. We went to one section of the compound called "Hogan's Alley" which is a town entirely constructed by Walt Disney for the FBI for training new agents. It contains shops, a bank, and homes. The agents use it to practice hostage and tactical situations. It was really amazing. But my very favorite part of the FBI Academy was the 9/11 memorial. They had two pillars representing the towers, and pieces of the fusilage of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, one of the towers, and a piece of the Pentagon as well.

After we left the FBI and had lunch, we started a bus tour of the important sites to see in Washington. We started with the Air Force Memorial, which few, if any of us, had ever heard of before. After that, we went on to the Iwo Jima Memorial. Our next stop was Arlington National Cemetary, which was far more massive than I ever could have imagined. We also walked further than I thought possible. After that we went on to the Korean and Vietnam Memorials, and the Lincoln and Washington Monuments. They were all fantastic, but Lincoln was my favorite. It was just so big, and so recognizable. I was dissapointed that the reflecting pool was under construction though. Major bummer.

But now we are back at the hotel, and we can barely walk. Had some interesting discussions at dinner, and I'm sure we will all be sad to go back tomorrow, even though it will be nice to get home.

Tonight: Sleeeeeeeep. (And hopefully 16 & Pregnant.)
Tomorrow: ATF and free time. Smithsonian?