Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Dear world,

Today was very long but well worth it. We visited the FBI Academy and several other monuments.

The FBI Academy was very inspiring. I plan on going to law school and becoming a lawyer but I have often questioned how long I want to practice law. This trip definitely opened my eyes to a possible future interest in the FBI once I reach that point in my life.

All of the monuments we saw were much larger and more impressive than I imagined they would be. I think my favorite was the U.S. Marine Corp Memorial. The detail and size in combination with the what this statue represents meant the most to me. Arlington Memorial was amazing. We had the priviledge of watching a ceremony. The precise percision of the guards was very impressive. I liked it a lot. I feel like I saw so much today but only uncovered a fraction of what this area offers.

To all my Blogger.com fans,

Trey Flournoy