Friday, May 6, 2011

A little late on the draw

So I feel like I should probably blog about our last day, even if it is a bit late, just to be safe.

The ladies of room 606 and I packed up our crap and lugged it downstairs and into the room behind the front desk. Then we marched through the rain and into the metro station (most of us were able to make it without jaywalking...) We were stuffed into the train, and some small people that got on after filled in the spaces between us. That was truly a great bonding experience. We made it to the Division of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and started our tour. To be honest, this wasn't one of my favorite things. They are an amazing organization, and I was floored to find out how involved they are in every bomb, violent crime, and arson investigation across the country. But the presentations just seemed to drag on. They really do seem to be like a secretive background organization that no one really knows much about. But the last presenter really brought everything together, and brought a lot more energy to the day.

We had been planning on trying to go to the Smithsonian with our free time in the afternoon, but the ATF presentation took nearly two hours longer than we thought it would. So instead, we just headed back to the hotel and changed and went to lunch. After that, we left for the airport. The Baltimore airport was a much better experience than St. Louis, and we checked in and made it through security (all of us were body scanned,) in less than thirty minutes. So we had several hours to hang out in the airport. We wandered around the shops for a while, then settled in to wait. Again, I would like to apologize to Mrs. B. for my comment about Dallas's personal business.

The flight back was a little late, but uneventful, and we made it back to campus just before 1:00. Overall, it was an amazing trip, and I am so thankful I was able to go.