Monday, May 2, 2011

Snipers, shoes, and snack....somethings.

Today started off late last night when we found out that Osama Bin Laden had been killed (blah blah blah, repetitive patriotic ramblings.) Considered going to the White House to join in with the big group partying on the lawn, but thought better of it.

Continued today by hopping on the Metro and riding into DC to head to the Capitol. We went down into the visitors' center, and rid ourselves of all liquids and consumable items. We waited around for our contact, who never showed up, but thankfully we had a reservation for tickets. We began our tour and did the touristy thing for an hour or so. Then we ambled outside to take pictures. We happened upon a sniper on the outside steps of the Capitol (more pictures to be found on Facebook,) and took even more pictures.

Jumped back on the Metro and made it to the Holocaust museum. Spent a few hours there (amazing,) and then went to dinner. After being served more food than any of us could eat in like, a bajillion years, we went back out to the street. Traffic was stopped for some reason, and then the President drove by. Legit.

Tonight: More swimming and lots of sleeping.

Tomorrow: FBI and moument tour.