Monday, May 2, 2011

dia dos

Today will probably be the most memorable day that I will have here in D.C. I say that because I have been wanting to visit the Holocaust Museum for at least 8 years now. When I originally visited Washington, D.C. in eighth grade, our visit was cancelled due to a record-breaking snow storm. Ever since, I've wanted to visit. It did not disappoint.

Our day started out with breakfast, multiple trips on the Metro...and then a tour of the beautiful Capital Building. The weather couldn't have cooperated more! It was beautiful outside and the building was just as beautiful on the inside. I loved learning about it and I loved the architecture and artwork explanations. I learned so much!

Finally, I was able to visit the Holocaust Museum! It was moving, educational, and a slap-in-the-face. I loved that it told the story of how Nazi Germany came to be through a mixture of passages, videos, photographs, artifacts, and audio tapes. There was something for every different learning preference. I think that my favorite part was the videos in the little movie theater were my favorite. The story that stood out the most for me was when a man was talking about hiding from soldiers in his own home and a mother who had unintentionally choked her child to death. It was heartbreaking and it really helped us realize just how terrifying living in that time period- in that place- really was. I will never ever forget that experience.

After that, we took the trains again to a wonderful dinner in a different part of the city. It was wonderful and so was the company! So far this trip just keeps getting better and better! The people really make the difference :)