Monday, May 2, 2011

Today was very eventful. We went to Capitol building first. I thought it was really cool to see the freedom statue ontop of the capitol and I was suprised at how much they said it weighed. The ceiling art in the capitol building was the neatest thing I saw as well as the drawings that told the history of the United States. It took a long time, and it was neat how they made it look 3D.

Next we went to the Holocaust. I have already been to a haulocaust museum but this one had a lot more inforation and exhibits to look at. There was this children's part where you saw a normal boy's bedroom and house. As you went through, you saw letters on the walls from a young boy and things get progressively worse in the house. The conditions start to change and it went to a nice home to a room that portrayed a family bedroom in one of the camps. Then it went to another room where it had a dirt floor and metal, wires on the floor. The room was cold and damp feeling. I thought this was really thoughtful to have people walk throuh the chages and to be able to get a feeling of how quickly and drastically the environment changed. It was an eye opener for me.

There was a lot of pictures and the one that sticks out in my mind the most is the one of these four young boys, ten years or younger, that looked as skiny as a pole. It was disturbing to see that they were slowly starved to deah. The looks in their faces was really sad to see. They also used many jews in the camp for experiments-like one was to see how cold a person could handle, they placed the jew in a freezing bathtub. This person ended up dying shorty after.

Many young children and infants that came to the camps were sent directly to be gased. The whole thing is hard to believe people were allowed to treat others like that and it's scary that many had no second thoughts to killing an infant, a small child, or watching people slowly starve to death. People were completely evil and sick. Although it was disturbing, it is important that every generation learns about the Holocaust to remember the victims and how bad things were for many people. It's an important piece of history that can't be compared to anything else. It involved completely innocent people, including children and infants. Hitler wanted to wipe out an entire group of people because he believed they were inferior.

In all, the day was very good. It was a lot of walking around but it was well worth it. Towards the end of the day, it was also cool to see the President drive by being swarmed with cop cars. But, I would never work in Washington D.C. the metro, the bussy, rushing people is too much. I'd have a headache everyday.