Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today we did a lot nd it started out really early.

We went to the FBI Academy first which was neat. There was definately a lot of security there. I liked the twin tower memorial and it suprised me that they had a piece of the plane. Also I had no idea a guy knew something was about to happen and its ironic and sad he happened to be in the twin towers when they were hit. We also saw the pentagon and how it was discolored on one side. The planes now have to fly in above the river ever since 9/11 occured. It was rally cool to see bin laden's most wanted picture and it had a red tape saying basically he was taken out and killed. They had an entire fake town and it was crazy that each of the houses in that town were about $400,000. The FBI sounds really hard to get into and is a dangerous job, we saw those in the FBI that had died n the job. They also had a behavioral science part of the FBI and we saw a real brain. This sounds like a really cool job, investigating the behavior and ways terrorists and crazy/sick people like Hannibal Lecter.

After the FBI academy we saw the airforce memorial, the Arlington National cemetery, Korean and Vietnam memorials, and the Lincoln and Washington monuments. They bury 25 people at the Arlington National cemetery a day but the selection is very limited to who can be there. There were so many graves and they were all lined up prefectly. The whole place was very peaceful, minus all the tourism, and pretty. It was very interesting to watch the guards guard the unknown. They really take that seriously and they guard it 24 hours a day switching every half an hour.

All of the other memorials were neat, especially the wall. There were so many names and it went on for a long time. A lot of letters, flowers, crosses, and even a couple beers were left below the names. We did a lot of walking around today but it was a nice day to be outside. Our bus tour guide did a really good job he was a funny guy.

Its been a fun day and tomorrow we go to the ATF. We leave tomorrow night, time has gone by fast here.